Natural water-retaining biological activator for soils and substrates


Activateur biologique
Hydro-rétenteur naturel pour sols et substrats



AGRI-OSMOZ is effective in tree planting, it reduces the mortality rate due to transplant shock and improves root development and therefore accelerates growth and production. Its effectiveness is widely recognized.


Fight against desertification

AGRI-OSMOZ also opens new doors to rehabilitate areas subject to severe climatic constraints. “Biodiversity hotspots” could be implemented in dry areas where soils are poor and which have important implications for environmental projects, such as the African Green Barrier for example. At the country level, it provides new keys for spatial planning.

Redevelopment of urban areas

AGRI-OSMOZ is an excellent retainer of mineral materials and an activator of the degradation of these mineral materials mainly into carbon dioxide and water. A considerable reduction in maintenance will be felt both on the growths but especially on the waterings which can be spaced out longer. Examples of uses of AGRI-OSMOZ in urban planning:

• The re-planting of trees will be favored by the introduction of 10 to 25% (depending on the type of soil) of AGRI-OSMOZ ® on the ground.

• When planting flowers, AGRI-OSMOZ ® will be mixed in the soil with the compost used to a thickness of 10 to 30 cm at a rate of 10 to 40% depending on the type of soil and crop.

• The ground prepared to receive the lawn seeds will be covered with a 1 cm layer of AGRI-OSMOZ® which will be integrated by rotary harrows.

• Lawns already in place and attacked by moss can be treated with AGRI-OSMOZ ®: after scarifying the ground, the product is broadcast over the area. Thus, the product will act as a cover preventing a new development of these mosses and promotes the action of future fertilizers.


Mixed in a substrate, AGRI-OSMOZ allows efficient use of water and nutrients concentrated in the product. It ensures that cuttings and grafts develop better, seedlings grow faster and root systems develop evenly. It overcomes the problems of water stress and deficiencies. It is an ideal solution of substrates for containers, fruits and vegetables and indoor plants.

With AGRI-OSMOZ, the substrate capacity increases and therefore shrinks before reaching the permanent wilting point. Thus, free water is readily available, watering frequencies are commonly reduced by 30-50%, which also reduces labor costs and the amount of water used. In addition, during transport, AGRI-OSMOZ maintains sufficient humidity and reduces water stress.

Industrial agriculture

AGRI-OSMOZ has shown its effectiveness in large-scale agriculture, especially at the time of germination and root network development. Water (from rain or irrigation) is stored and released in the grains and young plants, delaying the wilting point. It allows plants to be well established until the water regime is adequate. During the growing season, adsorption/release cycles are beneficial to plant health.

Greenhouse Cultivation

• AGRI-OSMOZ is a root stimulator , growth enhancer , and particularly suitable for growing in greenhouses .

• Root stimulator: AGRI-OSMOZ allows explosive root growth thanks to the important trace nutrients in its structure. It creates an optimal environment (multiple bioreactors) for rapid root development.

• Growth enhancer: AGRI-OSMOZ accelerates the assimilation of nutrients, it creates a continuous osmosis between the fertilizer and the roots and increases gas exchange. You get vigorous and more compact plants.

• By increasing the production of flower buds, AGRI-OSMOZ avoids stress on your plants. It amplifies your production and increases the taste of the terroir.

• One of the original aspects of AGRI-OSMOZ is its black color which allows faster soil heating. Favorable thermal parameters lead to better germination and faster plant growth.


• Silica Si02 (about 56%)
• Alumina Al203 (about 26%)
• Organic elements (about 16%)
• Residues (clay) (about 2%)

These constituents are found in non-soluble form within the structure of Agri-Osmoz and are in no way assimilated by plants!.

It contains important trace nutrients in its physical structure. This greatly promotes gas and water exchange.

Agri Osmoz is a calibrated product, 100% natural mineral.

AGRI OSMOZ is the result of long years of research and experimentation. Each framework of use is studied by us in different laboratories or greenhouses.

Our goal is to guarantee you maximum yield while respecting the natural balance of the plant.