About us

About us

The company KEPWATER Engineering was created in 1985, and has evolved in the field of water, by producing drinking, waste and recyclable water treatment systems.

Resulting from a meeting of companies specializing in aquatic environments, Kepwater has become the essential company for saving water and preserving the environment.

For several years Kepwater has been interested in irrigation and watering, and particularly in saving and safeguarding water resources. This is how the AGRI-OSMOZ product was born, the result of research with French and European agricultural and landscaping organisations.

Our company offers solutions to fight effectively against «Water Stress» and its harmful effects for agriculture and its maintenance in our countryside.

How does dryness manifest?

Drought is a natural phenomenon characterized by a lack of water over a period long enough to affect soils and vegetation. A drought episode can be punctual or cyclical. The definition of the state of drought varies according to the regions of the world:

In France, it is considered that there is absolute drought when no drop of rain (i.e. less than 0.2 mm/day) has fallen for 15 consecutive days.

In the United States, drought is established if a large area receives 30% or less precipitation than normal over a period of 21 consecutive days.

In Australia, if an area receives less than 10% rainfall of the annual average, then it is considered to be in a drought condition.

In India, drought is established if rainfall drops 75% below seasonal norms.

Agricultural drought: it exists when the humidity level in the soil (one meter deep) is too low to ensure good growing conditions. This type of drought occurs even with normal rainfall, it depends on the nature of the soils, agricultural practices and the type of plants grown. For example, rice and corn consume a lot of water.
The consequences of drought can last for many years and are often followed by large-scale floods that make already affected populations even more vulnerable . This is why it is important to anticipate these climatic phenomena through preventive measures and better water management.

Low water level of the Garonne in 2016

What is our principle based on? (Preventative measures)

AGRI-OSMOZ ® is a water retention agent which, when incorporated into soil or substrate, absorbs and retains large amounts of water and nutrients. Unlike most hydrated products, AGRI-OSMOZ® has the property of easily releasing absorbed water and nutrients, which allows the plant to have water and nutrients available at will according to the cycles of growth. absorption-release.

AGRI-OSMOZ ® is an amendment to be mixed with your substrate for any type of culture : indoors or outdoors.

And more! It is a powerful water retainer and natural electro-conductor. The plant uses only what it needs, and this is the principle of this innovation.

The results are surprising: everything is integrated into the product (root activator, mycorrhiza, growth enhancer and flowering booster).